• Chris Schmitt

    Chris Schmitt

    Hi, I'm off Twitter now but you can find me at http://teamcamp.ca, http://cyclingacrosscanada.org and http://paddlingreflections.com. Cheers!

  • Judith Dellheim

    Judith Dellheim

  • Madelaine Ley

    Madelaine Ley

    Centering care ethics in tech design, collaborating with engineers towards future worth caring about.

  • kasra babashahi

    kasra babashahi

  • Antonis Faras

    Antonis Faras

    Technology Manager and Researcher, Member of sociality.coop, MA Business Administration and Management, AUEB, MSc Science, Technology and Society, UoA

  • Tamara Belcher

    Tamara Belcher

  • Bernard Da Costa

    Bernard Da Costa

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