Originally posted on DBP Blog on 16th August 2017 by Joachim Lund

The DBP Blog is running a short series of contributions from our visiting scholars. This week, Kean Birch blogs on Entrepreneurship and Rentiership in Technoscientific Capitalism. Kean Birch is Associate Professor, Department of Geography, York University, Canada. He has recently visited DBP, working on a paper on “Technoscience rent: Towards a theory of rentiership for technoscientific capitalism”.

I want to start this blog by writing about tractors.

Writing on the Motherboard website, Jason Koebler argues that American farmers are buying black-market software from Ukraine in order to hack…

Kean Birch

Professor at York University, Canada who's interested in Big Tech and emerging forms of digital rentiership; obsessed with thinking about assets!

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